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Voice Search: How Can Marketers Get Involved?

Last week, Amazon added their voice search product "Alexa" to their iPhone application.  This is yet another flag in the continuing torrential slide of signs that voice search is a noteworthy piece of each significant tech organization's strategy. One report by VoiceLabs predicts that voice gadget development will quadruple this year. In last year's Google IO meeting Google CEO Sundar Pichai declared that 20% of search questions were coming from voice search.  What data can help us to comprehend the effect of voice search when it isn't yet a reporting...
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How To Prepare Your Website For Voice Search In 2017

One thing remains true about SEO: it's always changing. One of the enormous changes that we're experiencing now in nearby SEO is the increasing popularity of voice search. Voice search used to be a curiosity — now it's a necessity, especially when you're in a hurry with your cell phone or tablet.  If you're a nearby business, how do you optimize your business for this new individual assistant-sort search? Here are a few tips.  Voice searches are on the ascent  According to Google, 20 percent of searches on its...
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