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About Code To Text Ratio Checker

The code to content ratio is a minor but important parameter search engines use in their indexing algorithm to assign page ranking. This ratio is just an extremely favor term for percentage of genuine content versus percentage of HTML code used on a specific web page. The higher the code to content ratio of your web page, the higher your odds of ranking better in search engine results pages or SERPs. In this way, to put it plainly, having a code to content ratio that is at least higher than that of your competitors is a decent way of taking lead. 

How this tool works

The code to content ratio tool comprises of a single field wherein you have to enter the URL of the web page you need to investigate. On clicking Submit, the tool registers the ratio and displays it alongside figures for the total content size and total HTML estimate. 

Code To Text Ratio Checker Uses 

The code to content ratio tool has ended up being useful in estimating what kind of rank a web page can get in SERPs. 

The Code to Text Ratio tool accessible at Busy With SEO is an indexing algorithm that can give a decent estimate of page rank in search engine results.