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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Our Reverse IP Domain Checker is a tool designed for those webmasters who are using shared hosting services. This tool displays all the other websites that share your IP address and checks for any malicious content on them.

Just type in the URL of your site and let our tool fetch all other websites that are sharing the same IP address. In shared hosting services, a single IP is shared with a group of sites that are owned by different persons. If any malicious content has been reported on a single website which is using the same IP address that your site is also using, that can truly hurt your rankings.

If your site doesn't contain any virus or illegal content, sharing an IP address with a website that does will leave negative effects on your search positions. So it's vital for website owners to use our Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool to see if there's any problem with your IP.

Our Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool will display a complete list of sites that are sharing your IP address. You can check these sites one by one, to make sure that all sites are not spammy and do not contain any illegal content.